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Profile Ine Tresoor


Ine Tresoor was born in 1949 in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands. As a child she was often engaged in drawing and painting.

During the Business School, Tresoor was introduced to various illustration techniques. In the eighties she followed several courses at the Center for the Arts in Eindhoven, including oil painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics.

But airbrushing took her heart, in spite of the very time-consuming technique.


From 2004 on, with the purchase of a computer, Tresoor has been focussing on digital technologies.

All airbrush and digital art designs are surrealistic in style and have a humorous undertone.

Several paintings are kept in private and business-collections. Also you can find her work in the lending collections of “B.A.S.” in Raamsdonkveer and of “Kunstenaar en Konsument” in ‘s Hertogenbosch A number of the airbrush works and of the digital designs are used by greeting card publishers.




2015 Groeps-expositie Kunst en Rechtspraak, Rechtbank Maastricht

2009 Groeps-expositie Kunst in de Bergen, Buurtcentrum de Bergen, Eindhoven

2007 Groeps-expositie Kunst in de Bergen, Buurtcentrum de Bergen, Eindhoven

2002 Groeps-expositie Art Gallery Caro, Leiden

1998 Groeps-expositie Galerie Delfi Form, Zwolle

1996 Groeps-expositie Galerie Artisart, Maastricht

1995 Groeps-expositie Kabinet Hendrik Beekman, Marrum (Frl)

1995 Solo- expositie Frames and Things, Eindhoven

1992 Groeps-expositie Holland Art Galerie, Eindhoven

1991 Groeps-expositie Het Schepenhuis, Budel

1990 Solo-expositie airbrush, Cultureel Centrum ’t Hof, Bergeijk